Life Without Care: Losing Haydom Hospital, Tanzania

To get involved or to help Haydom hospital, please go to "Donate to Haydom Hospital"

To help Dr. Theresa, please go to "Donate to Dr. Theresa"

Here are some responses from the first screening:

Wow, Amazing. Very well done.


Your film was fantastic! Very moving and extremely well made. Hope it will help raise the money needed to save the hospital. Let me know how I can further help.

Thank you guys, we loved the documentary - it is beautiful work.... the film was extremely moving and inspiring .... it really touched me

I was blown away by the hospital, it's staff and the technical aspects  of the film. It's all very moving congrats on a brilliant piece of filmmaking.


You did an amazing job and for little money. Kudos and congrats are well deserved. 
Michal and Daniel, congratulations again, the job you have done is superb!


What an incredible project and beautiful and important film you have created l!  So very inspiring...

I am still getting testy eyes recalling parts from the movie.


Amazing work - Congratulations !!!